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Usually, the most initial things you consider to buy for renovating your homes are new furniture, paintings and serving crockery. All these are necessary for home decoration and updating the styling of your home, however, if you are trapped in a budget constraint this time, we would suggest you to include stylish and cheap canvas prints in your list, may be on the top of the expensive stuff, like furniture. Trust me; if you are choosing some complimenting and classic canvas art, there is no need to go for buying expensive and heavy furniture to renovate your home. With creative, appealing and cheap canvas based prints, you can not only save huge but also give your home quite updated and modern look.

Cheap canvas art, accompanied by classic styles, shapes and forms, and high quality, are probably the most popular and widely adopted home decor trends nowadays. Cheap canvas paintings and prints are like blessing for the home owners who want to enjoy affordability in home decor without compromising the look and style of their home, as the decoration and styling of the home greatly depict the taste and lifestyle of a home owner. Cheap canvas printing is one of the most preferred options for home decor even by those people who are living in small houses and apartments. They also consider that these prints can make their home look better and appealing.

I have observed a new trend in homes nowadays where traditional wall hangings and paintings are being replaced with attractive and creative canvas art work that is both cheap and amazingly texture. Being spread on a matte cotton canvas and wrapped onto wooden frames, the depth and texture of canvas art or prints are just amazing and not less than any original oil painting or expansive framework, in terms of look and style.

Because of the availability of modern digital technology, canvas printing is becoming cheaper and of higher quality day by day. You can have a huge range online that offers you a broad price range. On the basis of your pocket, you can easily get cheap prints of your choice. If you don’t want stock images or standard offering from suppliers, you can have customized prints in which you can make your personal photographs be printed. Nowadays, suppliers are especially offering customization feature for making your desired prints, in an affordable manner.

Sex in Nuremberg Bathhouse

Taking a bath is a sensuous pleasure, besides basic hygiene. The Roman Empire was famous for its baths and incredible plumbing and sewage engineering. The Japanese culture elevated the bath to an art.

Medieval Bathing.


For some strange reason the myth continues that people in the Renaissance were dirty, slovenly people killed off by plagues because they never bathed. Nothing could be further from the truth in the Germanic part of the Holy Roman Empire, especially in the Imperial City of Nuremberg, were personal cleanliness was highly prized.

The first published image of the City of Nuremberg, from the Nuremberg Chronicles, published in 1493 by Durer’s godfather, Anton Koberger.

What will probably come as a huge surprise to most was that in Nuremberg “bathing money” was a regular part of a person’s salary, paid weekly, usually on Saturday. Workers got to leave work early to go to the baths, where the prices were kept low by the government so everyone could attend and be clean.


Medieval Bathing

Professional bath attendants, whose apprenticeship was three years long, followed by seven years of journeymanship, were trained in the techniques of sanitary and medicinal bathing, as well as hair cutting, depilation (the fashion for men in Nuremberg was no beards), and simple blood letting. Health inspections were performed on a continual basis. The water was drawn from the local rivers running through the City (although most of that water was filthy!) through wooden pipes, then heated over wooden fires.

Nuremberg had 14 licensed baths. If one paid for the full treatment, it was an elaborate ritual. First a trumpet sounded or a bell was rung to signal the water was hot. Once inside and stripped of clothing, the feet were washed, then the body was scoured and slapped with a sheaf of twigs, next came steam bathing and rubbing to induce perspiration, swatting the skin with wet rags, scratching (for the pleasure of it; employees were required to provide this service), hair washing and cutting, combing, lavendering, blood letting, and finally a nap.


Durer produced two illustrations of the bathing ritual, one a woodcut for sale of a Men’s Bath at the beginning of his career, circa 1496, and a drawing of a Woman’s Bathhouse, which never got published as a print.

Durer’s drawing of the Women’s Bath

The Women’s Bathhouse drawing was the first work unconnected to a religious theme to show naked humans in various positions.


Please read the amazing story of the recovery of this extraordinary drawing that was stolen from the Bremen Kunstverein when the Red Army stormed a castle north of Berlin in 1945 and looted everything in their path.


Durer’s 1496 Men’s Bath woodcut print

The Men’s Bath is an unusual print for its time (See my article Who Would Buy This Picture?) since this is the only graphic image that was made for sale of naked men in such a scene. Even more odd is the fact that these men are depicted naked in PUBLIC, in a City that religiously regulated clothing down to the number of pearls allowed to be on any garment and where all the inhabitants needed to be fully covered (See my entry All Things Albrecht Durer: The Hidden Secrets in Albrecht Durer’s Art and Life).

We have to ask ourselves, why would anyone spend money to buy a print for display in their homes or for addition to their collector’s boxes (where people often stored their prints) of naked men cavorting at the bath?

Especially since the majority of the people in the scene were well known! Who wants a picture of Donald Trump naked?


It is believed that the figure in the center playing the flute is Durer himself because he is bearded, with only a risque codpiece covering his genitals. The two men in the foreground are believed to be the very sexually permissive Patrician (the ruling families of Nuremberg) Paumgartner brothers, Stephen and Lucas, who Durer depicted in the Paumgartner Altar

Durer’s Paumgartner Altar painting. Stephen and Lucas Paumgartner are depicted on the wings of the altar painting

Stephen Paumgartner was one of Durer’s homosexual lovers; Durer’s bisexuality, something not uncommon in the Renaissance, is rarely addressed by historians.

The man slugging from the beer stein is believed to be Willibald Pirkheimer, Durer’s friend who is credited with making Durer famous, a myth I will dispel. Pirkheimer was also extremely sexually active, probably with Durer also.

Durer’s engraving of Willibald Pirkheimer, late in life.

The man on the left leaning on the wooden post is believed to be Michael Wolgemut, Durer’s Master, with whom he apprenticed.

Durer’s portrait of his Master, Michael Wolgemut, late in life

Who would buy this print? We have to look at the clues Durer put in this print, which are mainly homosexual.


Dur 1496 Men’s Bath woodcut

Notice the not so subtle homosexual clues that Durer included. The first is the obvious “cock” spigot coming out of the wooden post on the left. Lucas Paumgartner, foreground right, is holding a flower. Wolgemut, leaning on the post is gazing longingly at Durer. Most of the poses of the figures are very sexually suggestive.

Perhaps Durer only printed this image for his friends? Perhaps he printed this to sell to the gay community as porn? Who WOULD buy this picture?

The inscrutable clues, though, are right in the center of the print on the Durer figure. It is the distinctive knot in the string of Durer’s codpiece. Durer uses this knot in other images also as clues.

And if you look close there is a bearded face embedded in Durer’s abdomen. Who could this face be?

See if you can decode the remaining mysteries in this print!

Paul Cezanne's Human Still Life Painting– The Card Players

The Card Players is a series of famous oil paintings created in the 1890s by Paul Cezanne, who is a well-known French Post-Impressionist artist. There are 5 paintings of the same subject in this series. The subject is some peasants being fascinated in playing cards with their eyes casting downward. Each of the five paintings depicts the same scene. This series is favored and admired by critics as best works of Cezanne during his final period.

During the period of 1882-1888, it seemed that Cezanne concentrated himself on the landscape paintings. He strive to express his own feelings through the landscape. However, since 1888 till the end of the 19th century, his most outstanding works are portraits. Cezanne’s portraits are famous for their lack of drama, narrative, and conventional characterization. The Card Players is Cezanne’s best work in composition. He had repeatedly painted the cards player themed works.

Let’s have a look at the best painting among the five. The player sitting on the left wears a purple and blue shirt, and the player on the right is in yellow shirt. These images are very harmonious. Meanwhile the fleshy red skin and sandy table matches each other perfectly. These contracts result in stereoscopic images. The characters are vividly portrayed with distinguishing characteristic and the painting composition is smooth and symmetrical. There is no tone destroying he overall unity. If the painter added a few more coherent lines, it would lead to the isolation of the characters. All the objects painted are composed of a mass of colors. Obviously this painting fully embodies Cezanne’s personal .artistic style.

The models for the paintings The Card Players mainly were local farmhands so that it can reveal the real aspect of the life. Just as Cezanne’s still life painting, each scene stays at a quiet and still moment; the men look down at their cards thinking about how to play well. They do not look at each other and chat but concentrate themselves on the cards. Maybe playing cards is the only way for them to communicate.

If you need an oil painting to beautify your room, you can custom an your own oil painting from .

Oil Painting Art Course Melbourne Learn To Draw And Paint Step By Step

Are you an artist by profession? Do you want to become a skilled and reputed artist? Do you want to be more better in your work?

Are you a floral artist, do you hope to be a still life painter, a painter of bar scenes, a science fiction or manga skilled artist or a seascape painter? Some people are aware from birth and others analyses themselves in their later years. Some students acquire information on their own, or go to a four-year art school, some favor to take an art class Melbourne or art course from time to time. Others teach themselves utilizing art textbooks, art videos or work with other artists and comprehend from each other.

Attempting to develop their art, some accuses that they need better brushes. Some art teachers say “put a little blue here.” It’s not the brushes. Sure the light could be more better where you usually paint or draw and it’s not the little blue that goes here. What’s missing in the art education of some is a better capability to comprehend the visual basics that underlie all good painting.

Here is a list of the fundamentals that influence quality drawing and painting.

1. DRAWING: Study and do a routine practice of drawing. Do not forget to keep an artist’s blank sketch book with you and draw everything you see around you. You can also go through the study books on how to draw and practice, practice, practice. Practice is the only thing that can make you an expert.

2. FORM: Comprehend that form underlies everything. A sphere contains an apple or an orange. A cylinder contains a tree trunk. An egg form contains the human head … and so on.

3. LIGHT AND SHADE: How an entity transforms its physical appearance across its surface depends on how the light(s) bangs it, the containing form and “local color” of the object. For an instance: Let’s “paint” a word painting of an orange on a table. If the principal light is a warm light hitting hard the orange from in front and above to the right of the orange, the colors and values across the orange from left to right from the viewer’s perspective are as follows:

– Rich average orange

– Agile, a little less orange, a little more exposed towards orange yellow/white

– Back to a rich orange in stages getting deep and less color sensitive toward the shadow side of the orange

– Gradually darker and cooler into the shadow side of the orange

– The shades further from the light are less deep orange & more toward maroon or alizarin crimson orange

– The shadow side lightens some toward the acute right as it picks up some reflected light from the top of table

– Next is the shadow cast from the orange on the table top … and so on.

Make Your Own Portrait Image With Painters

Like other services, you have to be selective when selecting one at a list of portrait painters. Bear in mind your primary goal we have found for getting a superb portrait for use on your purposes. You should avail a form of artwork that is certainly best displayed in your own home and may even achieve wide range of appreciation through your friends, relatives as well as folks who would view your place. Experience your thoughts not all portrait painters could meet your expectation and standards for ones portrait. That’s why, you must be careful when selecting the best one who could surely supply you with the perfect product finally. There is plenty of consideration making a call in selecting your portrait painters/painter. You should determine their background, works, range of prices and reputation to your community specifically their best buyers. Particles seeking a suitable could take your time even so the a sense of assurance and confidence for getting a superb canvas you know.

Chances are you’ll declare that the tip product would depend on the style of an original picture and others portrait painters are simply just painting dependant on what they have to see from the original one. Well, that maybe true for everyone but there is however still a difference between the normal artist plus the excellent one. I mean, that in case a painter is very pre-loaded with expertise, knowledge, and skills, he could definitely supercharge the style of one more portrait to be a replica connected with an elegant photograph. You may determine it into their samples which can be offered to you. Portrait painters are really talented even so the one with passion within this profession can make an even better artwork. There are plenty of portrait painting firms that offer almost any painting. Each company is constructed from portrait painters that might do your very own artwork through hands. Here take a look at certain techniques to have a company that may assure you in their best services.

You may look for the referrals within your associates who had already availed his or her portrait. You can visit their destination for a see their purchased artwork that you may possibly appreciate. There after, do not hesitate to request for the data on the company to confirm further their packages regarding on your dreamed portrait. If there are numerous galleries and museums near in your area, do go to shop. Actually, you could potentially experience a wide range of paintings displayed expressed by their portrait painters. However, will not are satisfied with one shop merely to get some comparisons with regard to beauty and lastly to your choice of price. It is additionally a plus when you speak with their painter personally to recognize more details on their services. There’s an example which you don’t possess any idea enabling you to find a company that has a comparable service. Maybe, your home is quiet far and you could go on a considerable time to go to get those own portrait. it is time that you produce an buying online. Many businesses have their own website therefore you are free to look at it for background checking and pay attention to some of their samples.

Looking For Oil Paintings For Sale

Are you looking for original Oil Paintings for Sale that can add to the beauty, style and quality to your home decor? Then you have come to the right place, because we offer oil paintings at dramatic whole sale prices.

There is a variety of oil paintings and they usually come in impression, contemporary, abstract, art nouveau, still life and many other. Seascapes, landscapes, patriotic symbols, religion, sports, nature and numerous options are available. They are full of colors, life, designs that can match with the main theme of your home. It could be a portrait of your family or any person, that is desired and if shared with the artist, he/she may paint this for you.

When you have decided to purchase the art piece for home or any space, it is necessary to look out at the art work for Sale. It will give the basic understanding about oil paintings. The difference between cubism and impressionism is cleared as well as one can distinguish among the abstract and pop art. With such knowledge, the proceedings of desirable art piece become easy.

It is also appropriate to determine, whether you want the original piece or not because most of the people cannot afford original paintings. However, there are artists that make paintings within affordable range and these are reproductions of the paintings of Van Gogh, Monet and thousands of other fine artists. If you are not sure of what type of painting is required, the online galleries help to decide which types of online paintings would match with the main theme. If a customized painting is required, the artist at these galleries could also create a custom painting. Oil Paintings for Sale at Art Oyster : helps you to get what you wish at economical prices.

For the new collectors, the best way to get an idea about the art works is to visit the auction houses or art galleries. The exhibition shows by new artists provides a great opportunity to buy the original art at reasonable prices. Another way to find the good value for money is through the online auctions. Asking an expert appraiser about the paintings and getting a review provides a good return on investment.

With the help of internet, it is quite easy to access the Oil Paintings for Sale : around the globe. The global market let people to buy from different cultures. They allow the customers to search paintings by theme, size, type of painting surface used etc. We provide you the best art that are in accordance with the museum quality standards. Machine generated paintings are not sold here.

Artists that have experience of creating masterpieces in art work for us. As we purchase paintings in large volume, thus offer to our customers at the rates which are far below gallery prices. With more than 40,000 paintings from 4,000 master painters from around the world helps us to make distinct identity in the oil painting market. Get your world paint in the way you like through our artists and this could be a valuable addition to your collection.

Systems Like Control Room Video Needs Expert Handling

No matter in which part of the world you are living in. No matter what organization or business you are running. There are several concerns that all these entities need to be addressed as quickly as possible. The agencies and organizations being discussed above vary from Defense and Intelligence Community, Homeland Security, Civilian Agencies, and, Emergency Management, Utilities and Energy, Transit and Transportation, to Network and Security Operations Centers. And all these concerns are addressed by the all pervasive and all powerful blessing known as technology. It is really important to mention here that now the private organizations as well as other businesses are heavily investing in the high-end research and development of solutions to the problems that these organizations face. And the biggest of problems that they face are the lack of software-based command and control solutions for mission-critical environments. The solution has been in the form of control room video, and other similar technical marvels.

The solution that these organizations provide to the desiring agencies is the world’s most sophisticated visualization and collaboration solution for command and control. These systems allow the easy, instantaneous sharing of practically any information (video, text, images, and applications) and that too between any number of locations from the command center, to the crisis room, and into the field. These are rich, immersive, interactive user-experience solutions that allow making information actionable and help ensuring successful operations. A very important and a conducive part is played by the video display wall, One of the most important things that needs to be understood is the fact that all these technological marvels that take care of the information gathering and the judicious dissemination of that video wall softwareOne of the most important things that need to be taken care of is the fact that the organization that is providing these services to the agencies has a proper and a stout support system. It should be well taken care of that the company supplying the software also provides the support and maintenance right through the system life cycle.

So whether it is a control room video or the video wall solution, care needs to be taken of the fact that company providing the software and the products also takes care of the after sales support system. Almost all the agencies involved in important businesses or operations needs a well oiled command and control system for the mission critical environments.

Why a Video For Business Is In Demand

There is a logo, name, capital, infrastructure and several other things for a business. Just as these things are inherent to a business so is having a video to advertise a product these days. Having a video for business is today as essential as putting a label to your products. Business videos are a necessity these days.

Let’s see the advantages associated with a business video:

Traffic: First and foremost, a video for business increases the flow of traffic to a business website. A good traffic to a website means a good display of your products; where people might make a purchase because of them having an opportunity to see a product.

Image: Videos create an image of business into the minds of public. People tend to remember more what they see than they read. Animation videos are like movies where all the elements produce a wholesome effect on viewers who end up forming an image of business into their minds.

Simplicity: Simplicity is the touch stone for business videos. These videos are simple in their approach, that is, they are not something which requires too much exertion and straining from viewers to understand them.

Animation: Business videos today primarily revolve around character animation, where messages are conveyed through artificial characters. To create animation video these characters are given larger than life image to make them funny, enjoyable and interesting to everyone.

Popularity: Videos don’t take time to show off their effect. They popularize a product faster than any other medium. Businesses wanting to climb the ladder of popularity faster surely stand to benefit from a video.

Suitability: Businesses are of several types, some are traditional, and some are online while some are modern, every business can have a video suiting to their specific requirements. Videos could be explainer, kick off, promotional and demonstrational etc.

Effect: They leave movie like effect on viewers. This is helpful to businesses in more ways than one. Firstly, viewers find them thoroughly engaged to a video, that is, they end up watching the full video. Secondly, viewers get a feeling of closeness to the business after watching its video.

Audience: Business videos are best known to target the specific audience of a business. Every business has its own pre decided audience, but targeting them specifically is only possible through a business video. The characters in animated videos can be made to behave in way similar to the audience they are targeting.

Give Your Heart a Trip with Angel Oil Paintings

As we all know, angels are characters in old stories, such as the Bible. It is said that they are lovely kids or wise men with shining halos on their heads and white wings with white feathers on their back. People regard them as messengers from the heaven and they are happy to welcome the lovely guests. To people who are not believe in the Chiristian, angels are cute fairies. It seems that people all over the world like these winged kids, ranging from naughty kids to smiling grandmas.

It is funny that people in ancient time have the same idea with us. Many famous artists drew oil paintings about angels, such as Vinci. Though angels have small chances of being the only characters in an oil painting, we still can find them in many pictures, for example, they hide beside a column or seize somebody by his clothing. It seems that common people can’t see angels unless these cute fairies show up to announce something. To we, the audience standing outside of the oil paintings, little angels are playing a game with people, which called hide and see. To angels who witness everything, all stories are just funny games which are played with them together. Looking at their lovely eyes, people can’t help wondering what they are thinking or what they will do in the next second.

Perhaps oil painting we see most about angels are related to Christ. Sometimes, Christ is just born and little angels at his age are playing with them. In my opinion, the only difference between Christ and angels is that Christ is in the arm of Maria. Francly speaking, their expressions and dressing are almost the same. If the artist change their positions, everything will be ok, too. Sometimes we can find that angels are adults, which are so-called wise men. They look serious and tighteous. However, I just respect them instead of liking them, for they look so admirable. In oil pictures, they show up to solve problems for people and teach people wisedom. They should be called teachers, exactly. Do you find that gestures done by them are quite similiar to each other? Just think of our teachers, I’m sure you will find the answers.

If you buy an oil painting of angels, you can put it at your home so you can look at them everyday. Looking at these lovely kids in the pictures, you will forget all worries and problems. After a period of time, you will find that angels in the pictures are not only characters in drawings but also a signal of happy and easy life. Because you will understand that angels are a wonderful summary of your hope and dreams.

Face Painting a Growing Trend Among Kids

Life has become busy and hectic these days. So, people always look for small events to make them big and unforgettable for themselves. Mostly, the festivity of the occasion is connected to the contentment of the children. Parents systematize parties like birthday parties for the pursuit of their children.

Among all the activities, face painting is a great event and a big part of the kid’s parties. For this idea, many specialized face painters are hired. These painters show their ingenuity on the living canvas. Kids always love to do something diverse, and exceptional, so face painting is admired amongst them. From toddlers to teens, the face painters generate unusual designs to adorn the face of every child.

Face painting has now become a profession and so one can hire the service of a face painter at affordable prices. One can find many service providers online who specialize in offering face painting services. Their skilled and experienced team of painters makes sure that the face painting is done in the safest way and hence is properly trained. It is one of the best kids’ birthday party ideas.

A face painter brings his /her own paints, chair, and other tools including the brushes, and sponges. They have an imaginative bone, and have good control over their hands. Whatever one thinks, he/she can have it painted on the face of his/her kid’s face. These professionals execute amazing work in seconds. The face painters promise about the quality of the paint used.

Along with the paints, the expert uses many other trimmings. The most common of them are the glitters. These glitters help to emphasize the design and are very significant in the night parties. The entire design glitters in the dark to give a marvelous look to the paint.

Face painting is not limited to the birthday parties; one can have face painters on festivals, fairs, camps and other parties. Moreover, one cannot confine it to a precise age; this tendency is becoming common among the people of all the ages.

The trend of face painting has grown to its maximum limit and so has become a common affair like birthday parties and the like. These professional service providers online put forward best services, safe usage of paints and ensure their clients of best and creative work.

Another thing that can add fun and gaiety to the proceedings of your kid’s birthday bash is T-shirt and cap designing. The kids are asked to imagine and draw their own designs on paper. After completion of the designs, these designs can be transferred on to the T-shirts and caps. Once this is done, children can use fabric colors, stencils, etc for coloring their designs. This offers a great way of kindling the flame of creativity inside children, which also helps in their overall development. There are good kids party entertainers that provide face coloring, T-shirt and cap designing, 3D canvas art, badge and key ring making, jewelry making, etc. Hiring their services will definitely make your kid’s birthday party a special one.