Paul Cezanne's Human Still Life Painting– The Card Players

The Card Players is a series of famous oil paintings created in the 1890s by Paul Cezanne, who is a well-known French Post-Impressionist artist. There are 5 paintings of the same subject in this series. The subject is some peasants being fascinated in playing cards with their eyes casting downward. Each of the five paintings depicts the same scene. This series is favored and admired by critics as best works of Cezanne during his final period.

During the period of 1882-1888, it seemed that Cezanne concentrated himself on the landscape paintings. He strive to express his own feelings through the landscape. However, since 1888 till the end of the 19th century, his most outstanding works are portraits. Cezanne’s portraits are famous for their lack of drama, narrative, and conventional characterization. The Card Players is Cezanne’s best work in composition. He had repeatedly painted the cards player themed works.

Let’s have a look at the best painting among the five. The player sitting on the left wears a purple and blue shirt, and the player on the right is in yellow shirt. These images are very harmonious. Meanwhile the fleshy red skin and sandy table matches each other perfectly. These contracts result in stereoscopic images. The characters are vividly portrayed with distinguishing characteristic and the painting composition is smooth and symmetrical. There is no tone destroying he overall unity. If the painter added a few more coherent lines, it would lead to the isolation of the characters. All the objects painted are composed of a mass of colors. Obviously this painting fully embodies Cezanne’s personal .artistic style.

The models for the paintings The Card Players mainly were local farmhands so that it can reveal the real aspect of the life. Just as Cezanne’s still life painting, each scene stays at a quiet and still moment; the men look down at their cards thinking about how to play well. They do not look at each other and chat but concentrate themselves on the cards. Maybe playing cards is the only way for them to communicate.

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Give Your Heart a Trip with Angel Oil Paintings

As we all know, angels are characters in old stories, such as the Bible. It is said that they are lovely kids or wise men with shining halos on their heads and white wings with white feathers on their back. People regard them as messengers from the heaven and they are happy to welcome the lovely guests. To people who are not believe in the Chiristian, angels are cute fairies. It seems that people all over the world like these winged kids, ranging from naughty kids to smiling grandmas.

It is funny that people in ancient time have the same idea with us. Many famous artists drew oil paintings about angels, such as Vinci. Though angels have small chances of being the only characters in an oil painting, we still can find them in many pictures, for example, they hide beside a column or seize somebody by his clothing. It seems that common people can’t see angels unless these cute fairies show up to announce something. To we, the audience standing outside of the oil paintings, little angels are playing a game with people, which called hide and see. To angels who witness everything, all stories are just funny games which are played with them together. Looking at their lovely eyes, people can’t help wondering what they are thinking or what they will do in the next second.

Perhaps oil painting we see most about angels are related to Christ. Sometimes, Christ is just born and little angels at his age are playing with them. In my opinion, the only difference between Christ and angels is that Christ is in the arm of Maria. Francly speaking, their expressions and dressing are almost the same. If the artist change their positions, everything will be ok, too. Sometimes we can find that angels are adults, which are so-called wise men. They look serious and tighteous. However, I just respect them instead of liking them, for they look so admirable. In oil pictures, they show up to solve problems for people and teach people wisedom. They should be called teachers, exactly. Do you find that gestures done by them are quite similiar to each other? Just think of our teachers, I’m sure you will find the answers.

If you buy an oil painting of angels, you can put it at your home so you can look at them everyday. Looking at these lovely kids in the pictures, you will forget all worries and problems. After a period of time, you will find that angels in the pictures are not only characters in drawings but also a signal of happy and easy life. Because you will understand that angels are a wonderful summary of your hope and dreams.

Christmas Cards As Gifts – Design Your Own Christmas Cards This Year

Christmas is the time of year that brings not only joy, but also family time, friends, parties and beautiful scenery in certain parts of the world. In addition, Christmas is the one time of year where it is more enjoyable to give than it is to receive. In this instance, wouldn’t it make sense to design your own Christmas cards this year?

The traditions of Christmas were believed to be started by the Romans. They celebrated the winter solstice by decorating, visiting each other’s homes and having feasts in honor of their god Saturn. The first recorded Christmas trees were put up by devout German Christians in the 16th century. It is noted that Martin Luther first lighted the trees by placing candles on them, evoking the lights of heaven. It was the Roman Catholic Church that wanted to change any pagan traditions into ones that revered Christianity. Christmas trees were initially considered pagan symbols in North America. It wasn’t until the 1890s that they were fully accepted, especially with the influx of German settlers.

Today, Christmas is celebrated with all its reverie that includes decorations, lights, food, parties and time off from work. One way to make the holiday even more special is by giving Christmas cards as gifts. Conveying your artistic side to your beloved recipients will enable them to cherish it even more. Images of snow-capped Christmas trees, the Nutcracker, Swan Lake or snow covered landscapes are all exquisite ways to emanate the joy the Christmas season brings.

Some of the most memorable aspects of Christmas include exchanging gifts. Pulling them out and handing them away from under or atop the tree is one of the most exciting moments of the tradition. Yet, it is always the most fun watching your recipients open their gifts. When you give image gifts you designed yourself, you create a unique and one-of-a-kind gift that no one can replicate. Not to mention, the individual who received your gift can rest assured knowing that there isn’t another soul in the world who has the same piece.

While it can be fun to shop, it is even more fun to be creative. Testing your imaginative boundaries can take you to places you have never been before. Thinking of handsome Christmas settings such as reindeer in the snow, evergreen trees, ornaments or sparkling decorations can be ways to inspire the artist in you. Furthermore, why spend money on something someone else made when you can make your own Christmas gifts?

Also, giving Christmas cards as gifts is a cost-effective way to save money while showing people your heart and talents. It takes deep thought to figure out what you want to design. However, once you get started, images can start to seep out of you with no restraint. It is important to let things flow as you feel them. Think of your recipient and what might make them happy. These special gifts are ways to keep the spirit of Christmas in the mind of your recipients for years to come.